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Are you thinking of asking for a loan, but you don’t know where to do it? Maybe you are afraid they won’t give it to you because you don’t have endorsements? Can you be in financial credit institution and think that makes it impossible for you to get a loan? Don’t worry about any of that! Keep reading and you will find answers to all those questions and many more.

Online credits on the spot. Why have they become so popular?

Online credits on the spot. Why have they become so popular?

The truth is that loans on the spot have always been highly demanded by society. However, they were not offered (or offered with exaggeratedly high interest) because the risk was too high.

That risk came from the type of loan itself, which was, on many occasions, a fast loan, without collateral and without many guarantees for the creditor. But, on the other hand, it also came from the costs associated with providing the service.

That is, before the internet, lending money in this way involved a certain number of offices, employees to answer calls, employees to check payments and defaults, and many other jobs that made the whole process more expensive.

However, with the advent of the internet, all this has been substantially reduced. All those employees are no longer necessary, and, having reduced the costs associated with the operation, interest can be reduced, making these loans more accessible.

Therefore, it is not that fast loans have emerged on the spot because a demand for this service has suddenly arisen. What has happened is that the lowering of the costs of providing the service has meant that this pre-existing demand has been satisfied.

Mini-credits in the act without guarantee or guarantee: What exactly are they?

Mini-credits in the act without guarantee or guarantee: What exactly are they?

Now, what exactly are the mini-credits without guarantee or guarantee that we are talking about? What benefits do they give us compared to a traditional loan or loan?

Well, as you can guess from the name, these loans are nothing more than small amounts credits (between € 200 and € 3000, generally) that are granted without the need for guarantees or guarantees from the person taking the loan.

In general, the process that must be followed to receive one of these credits consists in filling out an application through a form on the entity’s own website and attaching certain documentation, such as a photocopy of the NID.

After this procedure, the transfer is made to your checking account, in a process that usually does not last more than 24 hours. Faster and more comfortable would be impossible!

Of course, depending on some other factors, they may put some additional lock on you. However, this only happens in very specific cases that do not represent more than 2% of cases. In general, the procedure is as simple as the one we have indicated.

Now, as you can imagine, in such an operation, the entity that lends you the money is assuming a fairly high risk. That is why the interest that is usually charged on these credits is also higher than on other types of loans.

Thus, it is important to point out that these types of loans are not for anyone, but should be used in specific cases. Let’s talk about those cases below:

Should you ask for one of these loans?

Should you ask for one of these loans?

We are going to mention three situations in which it is worth opting for this type of credit (this does not mean that these are the only cases, but they are the most common):

  1. Start a trade: The first option is that, for example, you are a gardener who has been laid off from work, but who has a portfolio of clients who could give you work. However, you don’t have the necessary tools. Asking for a loan of this type can allow you to buy the tools and start working.
  2. Secure investments: The second option is that you have a fairly secure investment in which the short or medium term benefits exceed the cost of the loan. For example, imagine that you have inherited a home, but that, to rent it, you have to reform it, and you have no money. You can ask for a loan of € 3000, make the reform, and rent the house for € 300 or € 400 per month, allowing you to comfortably pay the cost of the credit.
  3. Obtaining momentary liquidity: A third case in which it may be a good idea to obtain one of these quick loans is if you have an unforeseen situation that you have to deal with urgently. Of course, as long as you do not have recurring expenses that drown you. In that case, you should consider other options (because if a couple of months later you cannot cope with the cost of credit, the remedy will be worse than the disease).

On-the-spot loans that are not offered by banks

On-the-spot loans that are not offered by banks

Now we can talk about a curious issue: These types of loans are not offered by those who would expect to do so. It is not the banks that are dedicated to offering loans of this type, but they are specialized entities.

And this, why is that so? Wouldn’t it be reasonable for the banks themselves to offer all kinds of credits? And, well, the truth is that there are some isolated banks that offer this type of service, but, in general, the banks are not very comfortable offering fast loans without collateral.

In fact, in the past, they tried to enter into this type of business, and the only thing they obtained was a much higher delinquency ratio than that obtained by specialized financial institutions.

Why? Well, the short answer is that everyone should specialize in what they know how to do, and not try to get into those businesses that do not dominate. The specialization is positive and allows each company to provide the best possible service.

The long answer is that fast, unsecured and unsecured loans require a much deeper type of follow-up than traditional loans. You have to be a little more on the debtor, and help him find ways to repay the loan.

Banks, in general, are not willing to bear the cost of doing this, and, therefore, either find that their delinquency increases, or they find that they have to give up the higher interests of this type of credit ( and, intelligently, they have chosen the second option).

Free loans on the spot. Yes, you read that right! Interest free credits

Free loans on the spot. Yes, you read that right! Interest free credits

Now let’s talk a moment of free credits (or what is the same, interest-free credits). It might seem that it is nonsense, but the truth is that it is not. These are credits that exist and can be obtained with relative ease.

Of course, these credits are usually of small amounts (for obvious reasons) and are subject to certain conditions. And, of course, they are usually used as a claim, so they can only be obtained the first time you have a contractual relationship with the financial entity.

It is important that you properly inform yourself of the characteristics and conditions of the credit, as you can imagine, because they usually have some small print. But, yes, you can get interest-free loans easily and quickly.

The best way to finance your dreams and projects!

Loans on the spot with financial credit institution

Loans on the spot with financial credit institution

Another aspect to keep in mind is that, not infrequently, these non-bank financial institutions offer loans to people who, in other circumstances, could not receive them.

That is, people who are in the financial credit institution, the file of defaulters that traditional banks use to discriminate between people worthy of credit and people who are not.

The fact is that the financial credit institution is designed, precisely, not to grant traditional loans, with the parameters that banks used for their “normal” loans.

The mini-loans without papal or collateral are different, as we have seen before, and that is why these financial institutions are willing to make these types of loans more risky.

Obviously, the risk of default increases with these types of people, because they have already run out of paying a loan in the past. However, in spite of this, it is a business that these financial entities get to account (otherwise, they would not be lending it).

Where to ask for your loan?

Where to ask for your loan?

And, after all the information we have given above, we can offer you different options where you can ask for your fast loan without payroll, or collateral, or guarantees (in general, perhaps some of the entities ask you for more information).

As you will see, well-known entities are mixed and others that will sound less to you. It is normal, every time new financial entities appear ready to provide this type of financial services and lend money quickly and easily to people like you.

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