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 SAJA is a leading Financial Institution in Spain in terms of mortgages:

Variable rate mortgage in SAJA

Variable rate mortgage in CAVA

SAJA has among its products one of the most competitive Variable Mortgages in the market. The Interest Rate applied by SAJA in its variable mortgages is Eurokor + 0.89 provided that it meets all the requirements and contracts the related products indicated in the previous table:

– Life insurance or amortization insurance that must at least cover 50% of the total amount of the mortgage at all times.

– Have the payroll whose monthly amount has to be at least 600 euros and if it is a pension, at least 300 euros.

– Take out home insurance and not cancel it during the life of the loan. If you do not renew home insurance, your interest in the part agreed in writing increases. SAJA home insurance includes a “daritas insurance” that you can call for any arrangement you need in your home maximum 12 hours

– The interest rate for the year pirmer offered on its website is 1.89 nominal. However, it will not be difficult to negotiate with the bank that in the first year the Eurokor + is also the agreed differential or, if any, added one more tenth but not 1.89.

SAJA shows the mortgage conditions on its own website. However, our advice is to negotiate with the bank all aspects. the interest of the first year, the differential on the Eurokor, the commissions and everything related to the contracting of the mortgage. At the same time ask for an offer in 2 other entities and that one of them is of a smaller box since they are usually more competitive.

“”Request your mortgage offer at least in 3 entities to be able to compare and get the best mortgage, at the best interest and with the least expenses””

SAJA Mortgage Simulator

CAVA Mortgage Simulator

Make your own Calculations of what you would pay in installment each month for the SAJA mortgage and also for the SAJA Payday loans or another entity before negotiating with the Bank to know how much you need to pay the amount you need and in this way you can compare with the fee offered by SAJA in your fixed or variable typ mortgage and know if they are incorporating different amounts into the capital for other items such as insurance, pension plans, commissions, etc.
Use this simple SAJA Mortgage Calculator . Its operation is very simple and quick to use. You only have to enter the amount of the mortgage, the interest rate agreed with the bank or taking the interest rates previously informed, insert the term in years and the mortgage calculator informs you of the fee to be paid in detail of capital and interest in each of them and a mortgage amortization table with the balance that is left after the payment of each letter. To calculate SAJA Mortgage it is not necessary to use its simulators and without the need to go to the branch.

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