Revolving credit without risk

A revolving credit brings many benefits. It ensures that you are always covered against coincidences. For example, a damage that needs to be repaired. You then have your credit at hand to be able to invest immediately. Yet enough people are still wary of this form of borrowing. The idea is that there are a lot of risks associated with a loan that is always available. Yet these ideas are often not correct. Who takes out a good revolving credit ensures that all risks are excluded. This is possible in different areas.



The big advantage of a revolving credit is that it has no fixed term. So there is no sling that hangs above your head because you must have paid everything back for a certain time. You simply pay no more than a few percent of the total amount per month in repayment and interest. And when you have repaid a part, this is also available again to borrow if necessary. This therefore gives much more freedom and possibilities than a fixed loan that must be repaid in a linear way. This also means that the risk that you cannot pay becomes a lot smaller.

Faster or slower

Faster or slower

If you want to pay faster or slower, banks also offer many options. Where with other loan forms you are often confronted with fines if you deviate from the agreed pattern, this is different with revolving loans. Those who want to pay off faster are often encouraged to do this. After all, you ensure that you get rid of your debt faster and that the amount of your credit becomes available again for borrowing. This way you reduce the risk that you will be left with debts and the chance of negative registrations with the BKR is also a lot smaller.

Upon death

Upon death

A revolving credit is also less risky for surviving relatives. The outstanding debt often does not have to be repaid in the event of death. There are a number of conditions attached to this. For example, the age of the deceased and the moment of taking out the credit play a role in this. Nevertheless, in the vast majority of cases, the surviving relatives do not have a debt with a bank when the credit is neatly kept by the borrower. Often it is best to settle this directly with the lender to prevent problems. In this way, everyone remains debt-free most easily.

To end

A final problem that can be eliminated is that over the term of the loan. After all, there is no fixed term for a revolving credit. Many people are therefore inclined to think that the credit will continue to exist forever from the moment of taking out. Yet this is not correct. Whoever has repaid his debt can cancel the credit without difficulty. The loan is then taken out and you are rid of your credit. This also means that you cannot withdraw money from the credit again. The loan is considered completed by all parties involved.

Simulator Loan Car Fee Calculator.



All banks and savings banks and online financial institutions have among their products a special Credit dedicated to the purchase of a car, differentiating whether it is a new car or a used car. The Car Credit is considered as a Payday loan or Customer loan since there are no additional guarantees as with mortgage loans where the apartment or house is left as a mortgage.

However, it is also common if the car loan is requested in the financial vehicle brand that require a reservation of ownership over the car. That is to say, when signing the Loan contract, it authorizes the financial company to put a note in informative traffic of the outstanding debt.
In the future, when you want to sell the car, you will need the financier to lift the entry or Reservation of domain since without such a procedure you cannot sell or export the vehicle of the country.

Car Credit Calculator

Car Credit Calculator

In the following car loan simulator, you can know how much you will pay each month for the letter of the credit and allows you to make various assumptions of amounts, terms to pay back and the interest you can negotiate with the bank.

The calculator is very simple. Do all the tests you need. Simply enter the amount the car costs or the amount you need if you already have money saved for an entry, then enter the term in years to return the money plus interest. The maximum term allowed by banks for car loans is usually 10 years although the most common are loans between 6 and 8 years.
And finally enter the interest rate negotiated with the bank or estimate you will be charged. IMPORTANT. if you enter decimals, the separator must do it with a period and not with a comma. That is, for example, it is an interest of 6.50%. Enter like this: 6.50.

The interest rate to finance the car can be Fixed Interest : In other words, it will always pay the same fee and say that it is the most normal in loans for the purchase of vehicles and Variable interest rate: In this case every year or every 6 months, I would change the fee to be paid depending on how the Euribor was at all times and always adding the differential agreed with the bank. A normal differential in these cases can be 3 points.

Following the comparison chart, you can make your own calculations of what you would pay in installment with the Online Loan simulator.

Car loan in Bankia, SAJA, El Soacha and Bankate

Car loan in Bankia, BBVA, La Caixa and Santander

As we have indicated, all banks have a specific product for the purchase of a car although they distinguish the financing between the new car and the used or used car. To finance the purchase of a new car, banks usually grant a longer term to return the money and better interest rates. However, for the purchase of a used car, the repayment term is shorter and the interest rate is more expensive.

The car loan of El Soacha Amount: Up to € 60,000.00 – (there may be exceptions of greater amount) Repayment term Up to 8 years or 96 months Flexible: You can pay in monthly installments and leave a fee at the end of 30% of the loan. 
The SAJA Car Loan allows us to get up to € 75,000 to be repaid in a maximum of 10 years to finance the purchase of a new or used car. The interest of this product may vary depending on the purpose and the linkage: if we hire you to finance the purchase of a new car, through the Internet and we have the payroll or domiciliary pension of at least € 1,000 per month (€ 1,500 in case of two or more holders), the interest will be 5.70% TIN (from 6.39% APR).
The Car Credit of Bankate allows us to get up to € 90,000 to be repaid in a maximum term of 8 years.

You can find the best information on Payday loans and all types of Credits and Loans on the Bank of Spain website itself in its bank user portal

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